List of differences with coaching records

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Pop Warner

  • Pop Warner coached Iowa State in a confusing capacity from 1895 to 1899 while he was also head coach at three other schools; For now he's counted as the head coach for Iowa State for those seasons, but those records need to be adjusted to account for the games he might be properly credited for and those for which an assist might be properly credit as head coach for; candidates include Bert German for 1896 and 1897 and Joe Meyers in 1899

Dave Christensen/Pete Kaligis

  • In 2012, Kaligis acted as interim head coach for Wyoming against Boise State while head coach Dave Christensen served a one-game suspension; however, Wyoming credits the entire season to Christensen; here Kaligis is credited for his one game tenure

Kyle Whittingham

  • NCAA credits both Urban Meyer and Whittingham as co-coaches for Utah's bowl game in 2004; only Meyer is credited as coach here since he was the coach during the season and stayed on through the bowl season