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College Football Historians Association

CFBHA: Chronicling the Pageantry, Passion, Tradition, and Religion of College Football

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Take a look around, but be careful! Portions of this site will be under construction as I work to reformat the data left behind by Rich Topp's passing.


Rich Topp

Rich Topp, the primary researcher for the CFBHA, passed away on Oct 24, 2018. I'll be working to reformat the data and continue to update it. If you are interested in assisting in the effort to complete the collection of college football scores, please let me know.

Tex Noel

Tex Noel, one of the three founders of the CFBHA, suffered a debilitating medical condition just as the site launched in 2017 which does not allow him to be active on the site. I hear from him occasionally and will post any important updates here.

Loren Maxwell

I maintain the site and since Rich's passing will be working to add research as I can. You can follow me progress with the updates on the front page. This site has been built similar to my other site, the Georgia High School Football Historians Association. If you are interested in assisting with this effort, please request an account and let me know what your area of interest is!

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